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A decription on the growth strategy for the audience.

Embracing vulnerability at VBP fosters authenticity and deeper connections among colleagues. By encouraging openness during one-on-one discussions and "Ask the CEO" forums, VBP builds trust and collaboration. This principle enhances our culture, driving success and creating a supportive workplace. Reflect on integrating vulnerability into daily interactions to improve your team's dynamics and productivity.
In the dynamic realm of business, the principles of 'The Great Game of Business' by Jack Stack, particularly the Higher Laws of Business, have profoundly shaped VBP’s ethos. Emphasising teamwork, integrity, and ownership, these principles drive our leadership, decision-making, and collective success. They foster a culture where every team member's potential is maximised, propelling VBP towards sustained innovation and client value.
In today's digital age, training videos are essential for educating team members. They offer flexibility and accessibility, aiding in standardized work practices and global collaboration. Establishing a video library benefits businesses by providing real-time support, saving time and costs, and enhancing employee satisfaction. Here are 7 tips to create an effective training video library.