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Transform Your Workplace: Embrace Vulnerability for Ultimate Success

Transform Your Workplace: Embrace Vulnerability for Ultimate Success

two female colleagues smiling and talking to each other in the office.jpg
two female colleagues smiling and talking to each other in the office.jpg

In the workplace, where you’re surrounded by a diverse set of people outside your circle, being vulnerable can be challenging as it involves honesty and transparency about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. In reality, opening up to colleagues whom you only interact with professionally requires a level of emotional maturity that may be difficult to most people. Despite its discomfort, vulnerability fosters authenticity and deeper connections among colleagues and teams. This article explores how VBP integrates vulnerability into its vibrant culture.

The Importance of Vulnerability at VBP

At VBP, we believe that embracing vulnerability is key to our growth and success. Being open about your feelings and thoughts is fundamental in building honest relationships. When we are open, we gain a better understanding of  each other and become more adaptable to various scenarios and situations at work.

We encourage team members to embrace vulnerability, especially during monthly 1-on-1 discussions with managers or senior leaders. These sessions create a safe space to discuss wins, challenges, and personal matters, fostering support and understanding.

Additionally, our quarterly “Ask the CEO” forums promote fairness and trust, encouraging open dialogue and collaboration across the organisation.

One of our financial planning assistants, Julie Dimaano, shares her experience with practising vulnerability at work:

“For me, being vulnerable means acknowledging your struggles and challenges and being open to discussing them. This leads to better communication, trust, and connection among colleagues.”

Julie explains that vulnerability at work includes being honest about mistakes, sharing perspectives, asking for help, and showing empathy towards coworkers during tough times.

She adds, “My positive attitude helps me tackle challenges, and I seek solutions instead of focusing on problems. I also value feedback and use it constructively. Staying motivated through tough times helps me stay on track and achieve my goals.”

Impacts and Results

Embracing vulnerability at VBP has led to positive outcomes such as improved collaboration, higher productivity, and a stronger community. Our commitment to openness supports each other, driving collective success.

Vulnerability might be uncomfortable, but it’s essential for genuine connections and a supportive workplace. Embracing this principle enhances our culture and drives success. We encourage everyone to reflect on integrating vulnerability into daily interactions.

Embracing the VBP Fundamentals
Four colleagues talking to each other at work

Start by gradually embracing VBP Fundamentals, focusing on one principle each week to fuel growth and success within your team. As we adopt these principles individually and collectively, we elevate ourselves, inspire others, and pave the way for success, fulfilment, and impactful contributions.

Begin highlighting one fundamental weekly to integrate these principles consistently into your team’s ethos. This fosters a culture of excellence and integrity, strengthens bonds across global teams, and propels them towards collective success and remarkable achievements.

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Adrian Villaganas
Digital Content Specialist
Digital Content Specialist
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