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Vital Business Partners Earns B Corp Certification

Vital Business Partners Earns B Corp Certification

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Philippine-Australian financial and support services provider, Vital Business Partners, earned a B Corp Certification, which is a global designation for companies that meet high ethics of environmental and social performance.


“One of our core values is ‘One World, Family and Spirit’, and we want to make sure we have the right welfare and support our people. We had to do a lot of work like changing our constitution in the company documents to consider more than just profit.” said CEO David Carney.


Carney underscored the firm’s people-centric approach, pledging to revolutionise the delivery of advice in Australia and cultivate an outstanding workplace where team members can attain common objectives. He regards the B Corp Certification as a result of their initiatives and a testament of their continual contributions to both the community and the planet.


VBP underwent a thorough examination of its environmental and social practices, achieving an impressive overall impact score of 92.2. This score notably exceeds the median score of 50.9 typically attained by most businesses undergoing the assessment. The impact score assesses five crucial business areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.


VBP also gained an outstanding performance in the Worker assessment, securing a score of 35.7. This underscores the company’s dedication to the personal, financial, and professional well-being of its team members. VBP’s business model is intentionally crafted to enhance the welfare of its workforce, with practices and policies concentrated on career development, financial security, health and safety, wellness, and engagement.


In a statement, David Carney conveyed his pride in joining a global community of businesses committed to continuous improvement and long-term mission alignment. VBP actively advocates for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in the workplace while championing positive climate action and value creation among team members and the broader community.


Carney concluded by asserting that this milestone solidifies VBP’s belief in conducting business practices that benefit their people, validates the positive impact of their services on clients, and extends an invitation for more businesses to assume responsibility for future generations.


VBP is a growth partner of over 250 financial services firms across Australia, with a strong workforce of 1,200 Team Members in the Philippines. For more details about VBP, please visit and follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates.


This article was first published on CDN Digital’s website.

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